Fichiers audios sur le thème du « Brexit »

, par Elisa Gy

Actualité oblige, Audio Lingua propose des enregistrements authentiques autour du thème du Brexit.

Pour les trouver, choisissez votre langue, puis tapez « Brexit » dans le moteur de recherche.

En voici une sélection, classée par niveaux du CECRL :

Niveau A2

 Mary : what is the Brexit ?

Mary explains what the Brexit is.

Niveau B1

 Mary : my opinion on the Brexit

Mary explains why she hasn’t voted for the Brexit and gives her opinion on the results of the referendum.

 Mary : arguments for and against the Brexit

Mary lists the arguments that were put forward by people in favour and people against the Brexit.

 Mary : a friend of mine in the UK voted to leave

Mary talks about a friend of hers who voted to leave the UK in the Brexit referendum.

 Mary : Brexit and the question of Scotland

Mary has lived a long time in Scotland and talks about how that part of UK is affected by the Brexit.

 Mary - Labour and conservative leaderships in the UK

Mary talks about the way the leaders of each parties in the UK campaigned to stay in the Euro whereas the rebels joined to campaign to leave the Euro in the Brexit referendum.

 Mary - can the Queen be considered as influential in the UK ?

We asked Mary what Queen Elisabeth’s opinion was on the Brexit. She told us about the Queen’s influence in the UK.

 Mary : the House of Commons and the House of Lords

Mary explains the difference between the 2 houses of the British Parliament. She also explains how the House of Commons might be affected by the Brexit.

 Mary : the Commonwealth still exists

Mary briefly explains what the Commonwealth is today.

 Mary : the British National Health Service

Mary talks about the appaling state of the NHS which was part of the debate over Brexit.

 Ruth : my reaction to the Brexit

Ruth gives her opinion on the Brexit, as a British citizen living in France.

Niveau B2

 Mary : Brexit, what’s next ?

There are lots of different stories about what is goin to happen next.

 Mary : EU regulations

Mary gives examples of the severe way the UK implemented EU regulations, as part of the conversation we had on the Brexit.

Bonne rentrée à tous !


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