Fichiers audios sur Malte

, par Elisa Gy

Audio Lingua propose des enregistrements authentiques sur Malte. Pour les trouver, choisissez votre langue, puis tapez « Malta » dans le moteur de recherche.

En voici une sélection, classée par niveaux du CECRL :

Fichiers de niveau A2

 Ina introduces herself
Ina is Maltese. She talks about herself, her family, her hobbies, etc.

 Ina : general information about Malta
Ina gives general information about the country she comes from : geographical location, capital city, number of inhabitants, languages, etc.

 Ina : I prefer the Maltese climate
Ina explains why she sometimes prefers Malta to France.

 IIna : Maltese cuisine
Ina talks about the origins of Maltese cuisine. There is no real speciality in Malta.

Fichiers de niveau B1

 Ina : the Maltese flag
Ina depicts the Maltese flag and talks about the symbol of the different elements on the flag.

 Ina : the Maltese school system
Ina talks about the different types of schools, exams, uniforms, the year calendar in Malta, etc.

 Ina : the Maltese language
Ina talks about the origins of the Maltese language.

 Ina : Maltese economy
Ina explains how economy developed in Malta thanks to the construction of the Suez Canal.

 Ina : politics in Malta
Malta is a republic and there are 2 major political parties in Malta.

 Ina : marriage customs in Malta
Ina talks about traditions and beliefs concerning marriage in Malta.

 Ina : why the British like malta
Ina explains that Malta used to be a British colony so the British feel at home when on the island.

 Ina : the Royal Baby and the Maltese press
Ina explains how the Maltese and the Maltese press in particular reacted to the birth of the future king, as Malta is still part of the Commonwealth.


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