Fichiers audios sur le thème des villes anglosaxonnes

, par Elisa Gy

Audio Lingua propose des enregistrements authentiques autour du thème des villes anglosaxonnes. Pour les trouver, choisissez votre langue, puis tapez « town » dans le moteur de recherche.

En voici une sélection, classée par niveaux du CECRL :

Niveau A1

 Robert : New York City

Robert tells us about his city : Central park, the Statue of Liberty, ESB, Wall Street, Time Square, The MOMA, the MET...

 Keely : Baltimore

Keely tells us about hier city : Baltimore (its harbour and her quiet neighbourhood).

 Leslie : San Francisco

Leslie tells us about her city : San Francisco and her life there.

 Sally : Nottingham

Sally talks about her city in England. Nottingham is famous for the legend of Robin Hood.

 Helena : London

Helena tells us about her home city : London. She speaks about the famous monuments and about the Olympic Games in 2012..

 Katie : Newcastle

Katie tells us about her home town : Newcastle. She tells us where it is and why it is a famous city (football club).

 Fiona : Brighton

Fiona tells us about the city of Brighton and its famous monuments.

 Hanna : Manchester

Hanna tells us about her home city of Manchester : the different places and the famous football club.

 Maryse : My favourite city : New York City

Maryse tells us about her favourite city : NYC. She speaks about the skyscrapers, the monuments...

 Kayleigh : Aberdeen and Edimburgh

Kayleigh comes from Aberdeen. She speaks about the capital city of Scotland : Edimburgh - the famous castle, the zoo and the Parliament.

 Rebecca : the city of Leeds

Rebecca tells us about her hometown : Leeds, England. Its historical monuments, the railway museum and its university.

 Rebecca : London, the capital city of England

Rebecca speaks about the capital city of England : London. Its monuments, the red buses, the black taxis and the metro.

Niveau A2

 John : my town (2)
John describes the town where he lives : shops and various places of Trowbridge’s social life.

  Anne : Greenwich, London
Anne tells us about Greenwich in London : its park, its markets, its naval buildings and its historical references to Henry VIII for example.

 Kerrin : My country, Scotland
Kerrin introduces her country, Scotland (men wearing kilts, the Loch Ness...). She focuses on two main cities : Edimburgh and Glasgow.

 Vallery : Let’s visit LA !
A few things that would be fun to do in Los Angeles

 Sara : Washington DC
Sara explains what she likes in Washington DC : the different memorials, the Cherry Blossom festival, the Potomac River...

 Philip : Washington DC
Philip talks about Washington DC. Its specificity is that there is no industry there.

 Ann : the city of Oxford
Ann tells us why Oxford is a famous and interesting city.

 Ann : Dublin
Ann is Irish. She has always lived in Dublin. She talks about the advantages of living there.

 Jennifer : Edinburgh
Jennifer talks about her city, Edinburgh in Scotland.

 Leslie : San Francisco
Leslie talks about her favourite city in the USA : San Francisco.

 Sally : I study in Nottingham
Sally lists what Nottingham is famous for : its stadiums, its cricket ground, its shops, its universities, its castle and Sherwood Forest

 Clare : my city, Sydney
Clare speaks about her city : Sydney, in Australia. She tells us about its foundation with James Cook, its famous beaches and harbour and of course, the Sydney Opera House.

 Renata : San Francisco, one of my favourite city in the world
Renata tells us about one of her favourite city in the USA : San Francisco. She speaks about the nice climate, the weather, the good food and the nice landscape.

 Rob : Cardiff, the capital city of Wales
Robert tells us about the capital city of Wales : national assembly, local government, universities...

Niveau B1

 Kendall : Beautiful British Columbia
It’s just very very very pretty...

  Kevin : London and some of its museums
Kevin, an Englishman living and teaching in France, speaks about what to see in London, more precisely about the South Bank, the Tate Modern and the Globe.

  Kevin : Covent Garden
Covent Garden is one of the most attractive places to go when you are in London.

  Brian : London
This is a quick presentation of London by Brian, who lives in Twickenham.

  Abby : Boston
There’s so much to do in Boston !

  John : my town (1)
John talks about the history of the town he lives in, Trowbridge and how the wool industry was replaced by the food industry.

  Paul : the city of Oxford
Paul tells us why Oxford is a famous city : schools, universities...

  Rebecca : Oxford and Cornmarket Street
Rebecca tells us why Oxford is a famous city and the meaning of Cornmarket Street, the pedestrian street in Oxford.

  Jerry : London and the London Eye
Jerry tells us why he loves the city of London, and especially the London Eye, his favourite monument.

  Mike : the city of Warwick
Mike tells us about the city of Warwick (its history, its castle...)

  Sam : my city, Southampton
Sam tells us about her city : Southampton. Its famous harbour, the shopping center, the universities. She also explains the consequences on architecture of the bombing during WWII.


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