Fichiers audios sur le thème de l’école

, par Elisa Gy

A l’occasion de la rentrée des classes, Audio Lingua propose des enregistrements authentiques autour du thème de l’école. Pour les trouver, choisissez votre langue, puis tapez « school » dans le moteur de recherche.

En voici une sélection, classée par niveaux du CECRL :

Niveau A1

 Keely : school supplies

Keely makes a list of the school supplies she used at school in the US.

 Leslie : my schoolday

Leslie describes her typical schoolday in the US : time, classes, lunch and the different subjects she studies.

 Leslie : A day at school in the US

Leslie describes a typical day at school in the US. She also tells us about school subjects...

 Maryse : a typical schoolday in the US

Maryse tells us about a typical schoolday in the USA : the different classes and after school activities.

 Laura : Assembly in my American school

At my school, we have an assembly once a month. We sing, people perform for us, it’s fun.

 Eleanor : playground games - nursery rhyme

Here is a nursery rhyme we sing at school to play "Stuck in mud" game.

 Laura : school dinners

At school, we can choose between packed lunch and school lunch. I like both and this is what I eat.

Niveau A2

 Kelsey : school subjects

At elementary school, we study many subjects : Maths, Science, Music...

 Kelsey : school mascots

In the USA, all schools have a mascot, usually an animal.

 Eleanor : playground games at school

Children play to a lot of games in the playground. My favourite one is "Stuck in the mud".

 Jenny : my opinion about school uniforms

Jenny gives us her opinion about school uniforms, based on her own experience, her children’s and her niece’s.

 Jenny : Why I hated my school uniform

Jenny tells us about the uniform she had to wear when she was a pupil in England and why she hated it.

 Vallery : US middle and high school

Sophomore, Junior and Senior years.

 Katie : mascots and colors in US schools

Katie explains the US tradition for each school to have a mascot and/or specific colors.

 Jo : schedules and classes in the US

Jo lists all the subjects American students can choose at school.

 Kate : a typical schoolday in GB

Kate details a schoolday in England starting with Assembly in the morning.

 Sally : a typical schoolday in GB

Sally lists all the subjects English pupils usually have in a schoolday and the sports they can play during break time.

 Keely : a typical schoolday in the USA

Keely details all the periods pupils usually have at school in America..

 Katie : my school day

Katie details a typical day at school in the US.

 Braxton : my average day at school

Braxton gives details about a typical day at school in the US.

 Blaine : my school day

Blaine gives details about a typical day at school.

 Lucy : assembly in the UK

Lucy explains what assembly consists of in British schools.

 Haley : Pledge of Allegiance

Haley explains how every American pupil say the pledge of allegiance in the morning at school to show honour and respect to their country.

 Melissa : at school

Melissa talks about the subjects she studies at school.

 Melissa : my routine

Melissa talks about what she does everyday.

Niveau B1

 Jane : my school uniform

Jane describes the different uniforms she wore when she was a pupil in England.

 Jane : for or against school uniforms ?

Jane gives us the pros and cons of wearing a school uniform, from different points of view.

 Albert : school uniforms

Albert gives his opinion about school uniforms in England. He is for uniforms at school.

 Sarah : School uniforms in New Zealand

Sarah describes the uniforms she wore when she was a student in New Zealand.

 Christine : high school in the USA

Christine explains what high school is in the Us, what time school starts and finishes and the point of high school.

 Blaine : class schedules

Blaine explains the subjects American students can take at school in the USA.

 Ashley : a school day in the USA

Ashley talks about a typical day at school in the USA.

 Andrew : student schedules

Andrew talks about the subjects students can choose at his school.

 Arlette : Pledge of Allegiance

Arlette is American and tells us how American pupils pledge allegiance to the flag of the USA every morning at school.

 Sarah : School rules in New Zealand

Sarah tells us about the rules in her school in Wellington, New Zealand.

 Carla : The school system in Trinidad and Tobago

The CXC (Caribbean Examinations Council), uniforms, timetables, different activities and ceremonies.

 Angela : The Canadian school system

Two official languages, French immersion programs, schedules, courses and extracurricular sport activities in Canada.

Niveau B2

 Gabrielle and Lindsey : University graduation

Gabrielle and Lindsey, two American girls, talk about university in the USA : why was it such an important step for them ?

 Gabrielle and Lindsey : caps and gown

Gabrielle and Lindsey, two American girls tell us about the tradition of "caps and gown" for graduation at university.

 Gabrielle and Lindsey : university ring

Gabrielle and Lindsey, two American girls tell us about their university rings.


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