Fichiers audios sur l’Australie

, par Elisa Gy

Audio Lingua propose des enregistrements authentiques sur l’Australie. Pour les trouver, choisissez votre langue, puis tapez « Australia » dans le moteur de recherche.

En voici une sélection, classée par niveaux du CECRL :

Fichiers de niveau A1

 Tristan introduces himself
Tristan is Australian, from Melbourne. He tells us about his family, his pets, his hobbies and the cultural Australian specificities.

Fichiers de niveau A2

 Clare introduces herself
I’m 23 years old and I live in Sydney, next to Bondi beach...

 Emma : I am Australian
Emma introduces herself. She lives in France and is married to a French husband. She also talks about Australia, her home country.

 Emma : general information about Australia
Emma gives a lot of general information about her home country : the capital city, the states and territories, the aborigines, etc.

 Clare : Animals in Australia (1)
Clare, an Australian woman, tells us about the cutest Australian animals : kangaroos and koalas.

 Tristan : Australian animals
Animals in Australia are unique : kangaroos, emus, koalas, platypus, dingos, echidnas, wombats...

 Brigitte : sports in Australia
Brigitte tells us about two typical sports in Australia : AFL (Australian Football League) for boys and netball for girls.

 Tristan : the AFL Grand Final Day
Tristan speaks about a big event in Australia : Australian Football League final at the Melbourne cricket ground. He tells us about the best players, the parade, the national anthem...

 Clare : my city, Sydney
Clare speaks about her city : Sydney, in Australia. She tells us about its foundation with James Cook, its famous beaches and harbour and of course, the Sydney Opera House.

 Tristan : three big cities in Australia
Brisbane with its sun and beaches, Sydney with the famous Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and Melbourne with its mix of cultures and its stadium.

 Tristan : weather in Melbourne
Tristan lives in Melbourne. The weather is always changing there : hot, cold, sunny, rainy... It depends on the seasons.

 Andréa : Christmas in my family in Australia
Andréa tells us about the Christmas traditions in her family : typical Christmas lunch, weather, presents and Christmas tree).

 Tristan : Anzac Day
Anzac day is a celebration in Australia, on April 25th. Tristan explains us what it celebrates.

 Tristan : school on the air
School on the air is an education program for children living in isolated communities in the Australian outback.

 Emma : does Australia still need to be connected to Britain ?
Emma talks about the way the Australian mixed population feel about the country’s link to Great Britain.

Fichiers de niveau B1

 Colleen : Australia
Colleen lives in Brisbane and tells us about her life in Australia.

 Joanne : my country, Australia
Joanne speaks about her country Australia : capital city, prime minister, typical food, animals and weather.

 Emma : the Australian flag
Emma describes the Australian flag and explains what it means to be part of the Commonwealth.

 Tristan : my city Melbourne
Tristan loves hic city, Melbourne. It is a city full of variety and contrast. It is also a multicultural city.

 Tristan : transport in Melbourne
In Melbourne, we use cars, trucks, trains, the tramway, the bicycle, buses, ferries... There are two airports too.

 Clare : Animals in Australia (2)
Clare tells us about the most dangerous animals in Australia : sharks and spiders.

 Tristan : things I like in my country, Australia
The things I like the most in Australia are the mixture of cultures, the various landscapes and the outdoor activities.

 Miki : 2 weeks in Australia
Miki tells us what she would visit and where she would go if she can spend two weeks in Australia : the Gold Coast, the Great Barrier Reef, Western Australia...

 Tristan : Melbourne Cup Day (1)
Melbourne Cup Day is the biggest horse race in Australia. It is about 100 years old. It is held in November and it is a public holiday. Tristan tells us about how his family celebrate this big event.

 Tristan : Melbourne Cup Day (2)
Melbourne Cup Day is the biggest horse race in Australia. It is about 100 years old. It is held in November and it is a public holiday. Tristan tells us about how his family celebrate this big event.

 Joanne : Christmas in my family in Australia
Joanne tells us about her family traditions on Christmas day and on Christmas Eve.

 Emma : a few unique dishes in Australia
Emma lists some of the specialities that Australians like to cook, especially barbecues.

 Tristan : school on the Air
School on the Air was created in 1946 in the outback in Australia. It spread all over the country and now, new technologies are used...

 Emma : flying doctors and home schooling in the Australian Outback
Australia is such a big country that special services have been set up to help people have access to health and education.

 Tristan : Aborigines in Australia
Who were they ? How did they live ? Tristan tells us about their lives, their paintings, their religious rituals and musical talents. How do they live now ?

 Alice : Australia and New Zealand are part of the British Commonwealth
Alice talks about the relationship between these 2 countries and Great Britain.

Fichiers de niveau B2

 David : Christmas in Australia
David tells us about how he celebrates Christmas : family,food...


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