Australia Day (January 26th)

, par Gaël Manescau

Australia Day, also known as “Anniversary Day” and “Foundation Day”, is the official national day of Australia. It is celebrated annually on January 26th, and it commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet* in 1788 carrying nearly 800 convicts, the unfurling of the British flag at Sydney Cove and the proclamation of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of Australia.

* The First Fleet is the name which was given to the 11 ships that sailed from Great Britain on May 13th, 1787 to establish the first European colony in New South Wales (South East of Australia). It was a convict settlement, marking the beginnings of transportation to Australia. The fleet was led by Captain (later Admiral) Arthur Phillip, who became New South Wales first Governor.

Australia Day -January 26


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