Short stories

On shortstories, stories are organised into nine categories : fiction, romance, crime, sci-fi & fantasy, humour, horror, interactive, children’s and non-fiction. You can search for stories over all the categories by entering the name of an author, story or a description of a story into the search text field. All stories are listed with brief summaries - clicking on the story title will take you to the page containing the story itself. Clicking on an author’s name will list all that author’s stories along with further information such as a biography and links. All short stories are available online and can be downloaded and printed. You can even get a definition or an audio pronunciation of a word by double clicking on any word in a story which will bring up a dictionary definition along with an audio pronunciation of the word.

Reading short stories on an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is possible too ! Once the short stories downloaded on your mobile device, you do not need any Internet connection to read them and to look up the definition of any work in the story text. Simply tap and hold on the word you want to look up until the definition appears.

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