Play with words with « Magnetic Poetry »

, par Anne Pellet

As Dave Kapell, founder of Magnetic Poetry, says : “one of the most important things a teacher can do is to get kids playing with words. Word play can ignite a love of language in general”
When students compose a piece of writing in a traditional way, the words they choose come from a very limited menu, so they therefore repeat many of the same words. Magnetic Poetry encourages students to literally draw from a wider variety of words. With a collection of simple “magnets” bearing a variety of common words, the student can create his or her own poem.
They can experience writing as a series of deliberate decisions about words and word order, thus creating a higher quality product.

Voici en ligne l’adaptation des « Magnetic Poetry Kits ». Le principe reste le même : choisir parmi différents ensembles de mots ceux qui vont permettre de construire un court poème. L’élève se laisse guider par les mots pour construire du sens, mais doit dans un deuxième temps retravailler son texte pour obéir aux règles de syntaxe, conjugaison…


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