Hallowe’en : des idées d’exploitation

, par Anne Pellet

L’une des fêtes les plus importantes pour les anglo-saxons, elle présente un contexte imaginaire et historique particulièrement intéressant. Trois raisons pour l’utiliser dans nos cours, et pas seulement avec les plus jeunes.

Educational Games and Activities

Teaching ideas and lesson plans

  • teaching Worksheets in ESL “bogglesworld”, for instance : Creative Writing (students read the beginning to a Halloween story and have to complete it to make it as spooky as possible) and Survey Activity (students take turns interviewing each other to find out if their partner may be a witch or a werewolf)
  • plenty of teaching ideas for High school students that can be adapted to ESL learners on Melissa Kelly’s About.com page
  • for the younger ones : a « lesson » in L’Anglais Facile, with a very easy video, some illustrated vocabulary and a quiz.


Ideas and facts to enrich a discussion about…

  • Halloween in Schools : Do Halloween Celebrations Violate Church/State Separation ? an interesting article in About.com
  • the Dangers of Hallowe’en – real or imaginary - : Find some safety tips for trick-or-treating in the Hallowe’en Safety Guide or work on a very interesting article in the BBC questioning the “demonising of children by British police (…) by highlighting anti-social behaviour ahead of Halloween and Bonfire Night” (2007)
  • Hallowe’en : a profitable business. An article on the CBC (Canadian equivalent of the BBC)


  • A very complete - and difficult - one involving the use of critical thinking, research (scientist) skills, creative writing, and a high degree of independence : Become a ghost hunter !
  • a questionnaire rather about the history of Halloween and other scary phenomena in the site of Saint Bernadine School

Films, videos...

  • if you can find it, a wonderful Charlie Brown cartoon (1966)
  • series : CBS Ghost Whisperers (interesting opening scene - season 2)
  • cartoons from Cartoonstock directory
  • clip : Mickaël Jackson’s Thriller.


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